Mastering the Divine Kitsune: Avoiding Common Yae Miko Playstyle Pitfalls in Genshin Impact

  • Jane Williams
  • Aug 01, 2023
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Mastering the Divine Kitsune: Avoiding Common Yae Miko Playstyle Pitfalls in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a title that intrigues gamers with its vast and vibrant world, diverse character roster, imaginative plots, and unique gameplay mechanics. Among the eclectic cast of characters, Yae Miko, the mystical yokai from Inazuma, has captured the hearts of many with her charm. While she may outwardly appear simple to play, there are common errors that players can make which can hinder the efficiency and power of this character. Here, we delve into seven common Yae Miko gameplay missteps and how best to avoid them for optimal gameplay.

Mistake 1: Misusing Yae Miko's Burst

Misusing Yae Miko's Burst

The most fundamental error players make is misuse of Yae Miko's Burst. Many believe they should activate her Burst when they have all three Sesshou Sakura turrets active on the field, but this is not necessary. Yae Miko's Burst damage is not linked with the number of Sesshou Sakura turrets on the field.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Elemental Skill After Casting Burst

Another common mistake players make is not utilizing Yae Miko's Elemental Skill after Casting Burst. Failing to follow up with her Elemental Skill weakens the effectiveness of the Burst and misses a significant opportunity to deal additional damage.

Mistake 3: Concentrating on Yae Miko's Elemental Burst Damage

Concentrating on Yae Miko's Elemental Burst Damage

Players may be enticed by the visual spectacle of Yae Miko's Elemental Burst and inadvertently focus on enhancing its damage in their build. This methodology is flawed as maximizing her skill damage permits her to output substantial damage without even needing to stay on the field.

Mistake 4: Operating Without Full Sesshou Sakura

Operating without the maximum amount of Sesshou Sakura turrets (three) on the field is another mistake players often make. Each additional turret increases overall damage output, making it highly beneficial to have all three deployed.

Mistake 5: Incorrect Placement of The Sesshou Sakura

Incorrect Placement of The Sesshou Sakura

Placing the Sesshou Sakura turrets haphazardly is another misjudgment. Incorrect positioning can limit the effectiveness of the turrets. It's advisable that the sakura turrets should be tactically placed around the battlefield to maximize their utility.

Mistake 6: Using Yae Miko as a Main DPS

Some players try to force Yae Miko into a main DPS role based on her capability to deal damage. However, her true strength lies in her versatility to provide consistent off-field damage while supporting the main DPS.

Mistake 7: Ignoring Elemental Mastery

Ignoring Elemental Mastery

Last but not least, ignoring Elemental Mastery in Yae Miko's build can be a critical mistake. Elemental Mastery significantly boosts the Electro damage inflicted by her abilities, maximizing her potential as a support damage dealer.


Playing Yae Miko at her peak efficiency involves a combination of understanding her unique skills and effective strategies to maximize her potential. Avoiding these common mistakes can prove to be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary Yae Miko gameplay. Remember that perfecting any character’s style of play requires patience, practice, and keen understanding. Happy gaming!

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