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Welcome to GameTaffy, your site for all things games and apps. Our website is dedicated to gamers. Our writers have written many unique and unbiased reviews of games and programs, as well as the latest news and ratings. We have prepared many guides, author columns, and a community of like-minded gaming enthusiasts for you.

Game and App Review Experts

I, Joe Newman, along with my passionate team, launched Joenmode, a dedicated Apps and Games website. As an avid app explorer and gaming enthusiast, I envisioned a platform to share the excitement with like-minded people. Our core team includes Nancy, our talented Content Manager; Max, the skillful Web Developer; and Amy, our zealous Digital Marketing Strategist. 

1. Joe Newman - Creator

Joe is the creative force behind Gametaffy, having conceived the idea of a dedicated gaming and apps news platform out of his passion for staying informed about the latest developments in this ever-growing industry. With a background in journalism and a keen interest in technology, Joe laid the foundation for Gametaffy, inspiring others to join him in building a trusted source for gamers and app enthusiasts alike.

2. Emy Kiriacos - Editor-in-Chief

Emy is a veteran journalist with a deep love for gaming and technology. As Editor-in-Chief, Emy oversees all aspects of content production while ensuring that Gametaffy remains true to its mission of delivering high-quality information to its audience.

3. Max Turner - Lead News Reporter

Max is an experienced journalist with an innate ability to sniff out breaking stories in the gaming world. His dedication to staying ahead of industry trends has earned him a reputation as a reliable source for gaming news. At Gametaffy, Max leads the charge of reporting all things gaming – from announcements and release dates to updates on popular titles.

4. Nancy Mitchell - App News Specialist

As someone who spends hours exploring new apps daily, Nancy brings unmatched enthusiasm for mobile applications to the team. Her expertise in user experience design enables her to evaluate apps from both a technical standpoint and an end-user perspective. At Gametaffy, Nancy keeps readers updated on all things related to app development – from new releases to updates that enhance user experiences.

5. James Milly - Reviewer

James Milly specializes in analyzing gameplay and storytelling across various genres, focusing on innovative technology and gameplay solutions. With a passion for constantly exploring the diversity of the gaming industry, James helps GameTaffy readers identify the strengths and weaknesses of each game.

6. Jane Williams - Reviewer

Jane Williams focuses on fresh trends in mobile game development and interesting apps. In her articles, Jane not only publishes reviews of the most anticipated apps but also invites readers to take a closer look at lesser-known variants with fresh ideas. Her goal is to help users make an informed choice of quality content for their devices.

Each member of our team has years of experience in the gaming industry and is committed to providing unbiased reviews and ratings. The editors work tirelessly to provide you with transparent and honest reviews, so we never accept sponsored reviews.

Our Mission: To Provide Unique Content

GameTaffy's mission is simple: to provide unbiased reviews of games and apps. We understand that gamers have different preferences, so we offer a wide selection of genres and platforms, including PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile. Our reviews are designed to help you make an informed decision on your next adventure.

We offer a wide variety of content for gamers, including news, ratings, guides, and editorial columns. The news section covers the latest article related to the game world, while the rating section gives an overview of the best games and apps on the market. Our guides are designed to help you navigate games and apps, while our authored columns offer unique perspectives on gaming-related topics.

History of Our Site: A Perfect Legacy

GameTaffy has a rich history of providing exceptional content to gamers. We started as a small team of gamers who wanted to provide unbiased feedback to other gamers. Over the years, we've grown our team, and our website has become a leading destination for game and app reviews. Join our community today!