Password Managers Lacking Trust from Users

  • Jane Williams
  • Dec 27, 2022
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Password Managers Lacking Trust from Users
With the ever-growing number of digital accounts, password managers have become a convenient tool for users to keep track of login and passwords. However, according to an exclusive survey from TechRadar Pro, most users are not overly confident in their abilities to keep these details safe. 
Nearly three-quarters of those surveyed use at least one password manager with a third using both a dedicated manager and one integrated with their browser while another third used just one or the other. A quarter do not use any managers at all. 
When asked to rate their trust in the security of these password managers, only six out of ten was given as the most common score by 144 people, followed by five and seven by 140 and 136 people, respectively. This indicates that many users lack confidence in trusting such services with personal data stored within them, even though they seem like useful tools for managing passwords securely. 
Despite this lack of trust, it is important that users are aware that there may still be some risks associated when using password managers, as there can be potential vulnerabilities which hackers can exploit if suitable security measures are not taken into account. For example, weak master passwords or keyloggers could allow malicious actors access to sensitive information stored within the databases managed by such services.   
In conclusion, while password managers offer convenience when dealing with multiple credentials on different accounts online, it is still important to take extra precautions when protecting data stored within them due to potential risks associated with them if proper security measures aren't implemented correctly or regularly updated upon changes made over time.
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