Building a Civilization: Tips and Tricks to Rule in Civilization VI

  • James Smith
  • Jun 14, 2024
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Building a Civilization: Tips and Tricks to Rule in Civilization VI

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Civilization VI, one of the best games in the widely popular and critically acclaimed Civilization series. Whether you're a newbie working your way through game mechanics or a seasoned pro looking to up your game, this guide aims to provide you with actionable strategies and helpful tips to dominate the world and create an unbeatable civilization.

Understanding the Basic Mechanics

Before diving into high-level strategies, it’s crucial to understand the basic mechanics of Civilization VI. The game works on a hexagonal-based grid system, where every tile has strategic significance. The game’s victory conditions also entail developing Science, Culture, Domination, Religious, and Score tactics.

Mastering City-Planning

A primary part of the gameplay is establishing and growing cities within your Civilization. Prioritize Production overgrowth during the initial stages of city development. Good city planning includes placing your city near a river for a water supply, getting granaries early for food surplus, and focusing on production to speed up building important structures.

Optimizing Eurekas and Inspirations

Civilization VI

Eureka moments and Inspirations are pivotal game mechanics in Civilization VI that help you progress faster. They give you a 50% boost towards researching a particular technology or civic, thereby quickening your Civilization’s growth. Ensure your research aligns with the objectives of your game for optimum growth.

Deciding on a Winning Strategy

There are multiple victory paths to explore in Civilization VI, each having its own set of required skills and strategies. From domination victories to cultural and scientific milestones, as a leader, you must adopt a strategy early in the game and adjust your gameplay accordingly. Your Civilization’s unique abilities and unit strength can play a major role in deciding your victory path.

Effective Resource Management

One of the core elements of becoming a successful leader in Civilization VI is effective resource management. This encompasses a wide range of elements but mainly revolves around maintaining an equilibrium between the food and production statuses of your Civilization.

Civilization VI

Food is the lifeblood of your Civilization. It dictates how quickly your city can grow and how fast you can populate your lands. Regular, ample supplies of food promote growth within your cities and allow you to sustain larger armies, giving you an upper hand in times of conflict. So, an important consideration should be to ensure you have robust food production to fuel the growth of your empire.

On the other hand, production is the engine that drives your Civilization’s progress. It enables the construction of buildings, wonders, and units, thus setting the pace for your development. Low production can stagnate your growth, rendering you vulnerable. So, simultaneously with food, ensure you have efficient production capabilities to keep up with the demands of your growing Civilization.

Furthermore, the utilization of both strategic and luxury resources should not be overlooked. Strategic resources such as horses, iron, and niter can significantly amplify your military might. Meanwhile, luxury resources such as spices, silk, or wine go beyond military advantages, contributing to your citizens' happiness and welfare and boosting your city's growth and productivity. Thus, maximizing these resources can provide substantial advantages.

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Civilization VI

Engaging other civilizations is an integral aspect of the game, which is not dominated by mere battles and wars but also involves building diplomatic relationships. Forming amicable relations with other civilizations can set you on a path toward collaborative progress and shared victories.

Trade is a primary diplomatic tool in the game. By trading goods, technologies, and information, you can strengthen bonds with other nations, gain much-needed resources, or gain insight into obscure parts of the world. This mutually beneficial enterprise can even lead to long-term alliances, which further strengthens your position on the global stage.

The use of envoys in Civilization VI is another efficient way to garner influence and favor among other civilizations, a crucial aspect of the game that many players often overlook. Envoys allow you to gain bonuses from city-states, grant additional resources, and provide military support in times of need, all contributing to your Civilization's advancement.

However, amidst these diplomatic endeavors, one must not forget that conflict is an inherent part of the game, and relations can sour over time due to various factors like border disputes, competitive world wonders, and conflicting victory aspirations. Therefore, while maintaining peaceful relations is desirable, always be prepared for the eventuality of conflict and ensure your Civilization can withstand any challenges that come its way.

Mastering Combat

Civilization VI

Battles and wars are inevitable in Civilization VI, even if you are not actively pursuing a domination victory. Using terrain to your advantage, understanding unit strengths and weaknesses, and planning your strategies based on your enemy's capabilities can turn the tide of wars in your favor. It’s also important to manage your units wisely and not produce more than what your Civilization can handle.

Utilizing Science and Culture

Science and Culture are two integral parts of the game that can shape the course of your Civilization and lead you to victory. These areas have unique tech and civic trees, offering various bonuses and opportunities. Understanding how to navigate these trees strategically can greatly accelerate your Civilization's progress.


Civilization VI, like all games in the series, is a game of depth and complexity. It requires strategic thinking, planning, and proper execution to emerge victorious. This guide aims to provide you with fundamental strategies and tips to enhance your gameplay. Understand that practice and experience will further hone your skills, and by understanding these, you can rule the world of Civilization VI.

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