YouTube Adds New Ad Frequency Options in Campaigns

  • James Smith
  • Nov 17, 2022
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YouTube Adds New Ad Frequency Options in Campaigns

Advertising on YouTube is highly efficient; that’s why there’s so much of it. But even if you spend your days watching news, interviews, and documentaries on YouTube, you may see the same ads over and over, and they become rather irritating than informative. To smoothen or avoid this effect, YouTube rolls out new ad frequency control options for advertisers.

Now, Google reacts to this request shared by both the audience and the advertisers. The new tools it has introduced will enable advertisers to implement more flexible ad policy and minimize the number of recurring ads for any viewer. Now, advertisers have more ways to set up the frequency at which their ads are displayed to you.

This frequency management solution will enable advertisers to set up a parameter named “Weekly Frequency Goal”. When it’s defined, YouTube will optimize their algorithms for this particular ad, so the reach will be spread more evenly. That means, as a viewer, you will see less repeats of the same ad; instead, more viewers will see it.

The average optimal number of showing a particular ad, according to Nielsen, is five times a week – at least, on traditional air or cable TV. When seen more than 5 times a week, the ad loses 22% of its efficienty (in terms of profit returns), and shown over 6 times, it loses 41%. With online streaming, the perception may differ slightly, but the general rule remains. So, optimizing the frequency is quite an un-spammy approach that more advertisers request for nowadays, and Google responds.

If you are an advertiser planning a YouTube campaign, will you start using this tool as soon as it’s accessible? As a viewer, what do you think about the prospect of seeing fewer repeating ads? Will the tool work as supposed? Share your expectations and concerns with us in the comments!

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