World of Warcraft May Revive Exclusive Mounts Through the Trading Post System

  • Jane Williams
  • Jan 30, 2024
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World of Warcraft May Revive Exclusive Mounts Through the Trading Post System

In an intriguing turn of events, World of Warcraft could be slated to reintroduce exclusive items like the Reins of the Kor’kron War Wolf through its Trading Post feature, thus breaking new ground by enabling players to acquire prestigious items such as Ahead of the Curve achievement mounts after their original availability has ended.

World of Warcraft has historically offered certain items exclusively to those who complete formidable in-game challenges and achievements. One such challenge is Ahead of the Curve, a Feat of Strength granted to players who conquer a Heroic raid during its relevance as endgame content. Rewards for these feats often include exceptional mounts, exemplified by the Reins of the Kor’kron War Wolf, which was formerly available from the Siege of Orgrimmar raid at the conclusion of the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Recent insights from the Public Test Realm have insinuated a possible comeback for this illustrious mount in a distinctive way. The Reins of the Kor'kron War Wolf has been assigned a Trader's Tender cost within a recent update. Trader's Tender is the currency linked with the upcoming Trading Post system, where items are typically listed within the monthly selection. While the War Wolf's hefty cost of 7,899 might merely be a placeholder, its mere presence hints at potential reavailability through the Trading Post after nearly a decade's absence.

Additionally, the Trading Post might serve as a comeback platform for more recent items, as MrGM, a content creator for World of Warcraft, noted that the recent Ichabod pet, collectable in late 2022 through the Support a Streamer program on Twitch, now has a provisional Trader's Tender cost as well.

Should these rarities make their way into the current Trading Post offerings, it would establish an unprecedented move by World of Warcraft. Players traditionally have had no opportunity to claim Ahead of the Curve mounts once their respective raid cycles ended, and this upcoming change could be exciting news, particularly for newer or returning players who missed out on these mounts. The possibility that Ichabod and similar exclusive promotional items might be retrievable via the Trading Post indicates that several past exclusives could see a resurgence.

The World of Warcraft community, however, is not unified in its opinion on this matter. While a substantial portion of the player base believes that reintroducing these once-exclusive items is beneficial, particularly for historic mounts that have been out of reach for years, there are others who view these items as emblems of accomplishment and argue that their re-release undermines the original prestige they symbolized.

Until an official confirmation from World of Warcraft regarding the fate of these items, speculation will continue to brew among the game's enthusiasts about the future accessibility of these esteemed collectibles.

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