Valve Working on a New Puzzle-Focused Project – Could it be Portal 3?

  • Jane Williams
  • Apr 04, 2023
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Valve Working on a New Puzzle-Focused Project – Could it be Portal 3?

Valve, the game developer behind iconic titles such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike, is currently working on an unannounced project that puts puzzles in the spotlight. This news has sparked speculation among fans of the Portal series that Valve may be developing a new installment for the beloved franchise.

The source of this rumor was Boyang Zhu, an artist employed by Valve who mentioned on his LinkedIn profile he had been working on a secret game for two years. Other people associated with this project include former Valve employee Michael Anderson whose page also revealed some information about the mysterious title: “This game will offer innovative gameplay mechanics and focus largely on puzzles”.

Given these clues, many had begun to suspect that what Valve is currently working on might actually be Portal 3 – something which seemed even more plausible after last year when J.J Abrams and Eric Wolpaw (writers of both previous installments) stated had a good idea for another sequel in mind. Still, there’s no guarantee yet that this is indeed true, so those eager to get their hands on another adventure featuring Chell should take this news with caution until further confirmation from Valve itself emerges.

The development team at Valve is known for its secrecy and rarely reveals any details about upcoming projects until they're ready to launch them or have made an official announcement. Since no such announcement has been made yet, we can only speculate what sort of project these puzzle-focused developers are currently working on.
However, one thing is certain – if it does turn out to be Portal 3, then fans would welcome its release with open arms, given how much love there was for its predecessors!

In any case, if what Zhu said holds true, then players should expect quite an exciting experience once this mystery title gets released – one filled with clever riddles and captivating story elements could very well become a reality soon enough if all goes according to plan at Valve!

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