Unveiling YouTube Music's AI-Powered Hum to Search: Find That Song with Just a Hum

  • Jane Williams
  • May 26, 2024
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Unveiling YouTube Music's AI-Powered Hum to Search: Find That Song with Just a Hum

YouTube Music for Android now includes an innovative AI feature that allows you to find songs by humming. This functionality, previously available in Google's other applications like Search and YouTube, as well as on Pixel smartphones, employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to help users identify songs they can't remember the name of, whether it's something they heard on the radio or in a shopping center.

YouTube Music Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Search Option

The Hum to Search capability can be found in the YouTube Music app for Android, specifically in version 7.02. A new waveform symbol, positioned next to the microphone icon at the screen's top-right, signifies this feature. Clicking on this icon launches a page inviting users to "Play, sing, or hum a song." Following the query, it displays information like the song title, artist, release year, album, and cover art. There are also options to 'Play' or 'Save' the discovered song.

Enhanced Search Functionality in YouTube Music

A report by 9to5Google highlighted that this feature applies AI technology to align the hummed tune with the original recording. It operates on the same principle as the Hum to Search feature found in the Google Search app, launched in 2020, which is accessible across more than 20 languages on Android and iOS platforms. Google has clarified that perfect pitch is not a requirement for this feature to work effectively, as it recognizes a song by converting its melody into a sequence of numbers to search and identify matches.

The feature initially entered the testing phase on YouTube Music in March 2024, but only recently became available to the public. Our tests confirm the feature's effectiveness. In case it hasn't appeared on your device yet, patience is advised as Google typically releases new features gradually.

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