Spotify and Snapchat Elevate Music Sharing with New In-App Lens Feature

  • James Smith
  • Jan 31, 2024
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Spotify and Snapchat Elevate Music Sharing with New In-App Lens Feature

Spotify is broadening its collaborative efforts with Snapchat by introducing an innovative feature called the “Share Track Lens." This functionality enables users to visually share their music tastes by recording their immediate environment while also embedding details like the song title, artist's name, album art, and a clickable link to the song on Spotify.

For those eager to try out this new tool, it's essential to update both the Spotify and Snapchat apps on your mobile device. Once updated, simply choose a song on Spotify, use the share menu, and select the Snapchat "Lens" option to bring up track details in a Snapchat filter form. Users can then craft their Snap, integrating the music information, and share it with friends or post it to their Story.

Previously, since 2019, Snapchat has allowed users to share their Spotify listening activities, but it was restricted to showing song details without a visual context. The latest feature enhances the experience by allowing users to frame their music shares with a personal touch, akin to the song-sharing feature on Instagram Stories.

For example, capturing a pre-party moment with friends or the serene beach scene with your chosen soundtrack now becomes a more immersive sharing experience. The lens not only showcases the music but also the personal or scenic backgrounds, enriching the storytelling aspect of music sharing.

The rollout of this new feature has commenced globally today and is accessible to both Android and iOS users, assuming Spotify and Snapchat services are provided in their area.

In communicating the essence of this feature, Spotify articulated in a blog post the significance of music in defining ourselves. They highlighted the increasing trend among Spotify users to share their musical journeys on social platforms every year. With the Snapchat integration, users can now shine a light not just on their music but also on the moments that surround them.

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