Simple Way to Create Profile on Reddit

  • Jane Williams
  • Sep 21, 2022
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Simple Way to Create Profile on Reddit

If you want to expand your possibilities on Reddit you can create your profile there. Entering the portal via your profile provides you with more features. Reddit is a popular portal with millions of active users. This website was created for discussions and opinion sharing on any topic you are interested in. Yet, not all services are available for unregistered users.
Not everyone can join the discussion or create the new one. Moreover, only registered users receive the ability to read more threads and follow them. This guide helps you to become one of the chosen users who can actually take an active part in Reddit’s life. You can create an account on Android or via PC.

About Reddit

Reddit is an American-based portal and app that offers discussions in any field possible. The platform contains numerous great recommendations, as well as arguments, and debates. You can find your own community there. It has lots of similarities with Twitter, but with more investigation on the subjects. You may attach photos and videos to your discussion. Usually, the first leaks on any game or app are published on Reddit. It is the 9th most visited website in the world and 6th in the US.

Making Profile on PC

It is not a complicated process, but you still can get lost there. Open this simple instruction if you want to register an account on Reddit via PC. To simplify the process you may get connected through social networks or email. Follow the next steps:

  • Open the Reddit portal in the browser you use;
  • You will see the Sign Up blue button in the right upper corner. Press it;
  • Now you can choose whether you want to Continue with Apple, Google, or indicate your email box;
  • If you chose the email option, you have to open the inbox and check out for the message from the portal;
  • You need to click Continue to Reddit in the message you’ve received;
  • If you prefer not to sign up to the portal, you can just ignore the letter;
  • There are prompts that will help you to create the account. Follow them;
  • Pick the Identify option from the menu;
  • Now you can choose all your Interests there;
  • The menu also contains the list of Communities that you can enter. Pick them;
  • You can create an avatar that represents your character;
  • After that just check the homepage on Reddit, and if you need you can click the Change Username button in the right upper corner. Now choose the perfect username for you. Make sure it is still not taken.

Create Your Reddit Profile on Android

If you want to use your phone to create an account, it is also possible. However, the process will slightly differ from the one that was described above. Follow the next steps and create an account with ease:

  • You have to go to the Google Play Store and download from their Reddit app;
  • Pick whether you want to Continue with Google, Apple, or email;
  • If you choose the email, you can pick the username, provide the right email, and make a password you will be using there;
  • Go to the About You category and check out whether the information is right, including your gender or how you identify yourself;
  • Choose the Interests that you will be following on Reddit;
  • Now you can choose your personal avatar. You can pick the image you like from your device;
  • After that, you can go to the home dashboard and start reading the most heated discussions you wanted to check and take part in.

Enjoy a Full Reddit Experience

Registering your profile on Reddit takes just a few minutes. As you have probably noticed, the longest time you will spend on choosing the avatar, your interests, and the communities you want to join. There is nothing complicated. Once you register you can become an active part of the Reddit friendly and not-so-friendly community.

Are you registered on Reddit? Have you followed these recommendations? Express your thoughts in the comments below.


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