Pixel Phones Usher in 2024 with a Fresh Security Update

  • Jane Williams
  • Jan 03, 2024
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Pixel Phones Usher in 2024 with a Fresh Security Update

Google has kicked off the new year by rolling out its January 2024 security update for Pixel smartphones. This timely release, following the December Feature Drop, underscores Google's commitment to maintaining robust security for Android users. Pixel owners from the 5a (5G) model through to the latest Pixel 8 Pro can expect to receive the update, which also extends to the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Google has detailed the improvements and bug fixes accompanying this security patch, promising an enhanced user experience.

The January 2024 update is more than just a routine security fix; it addresses specific issues that have been impacting users. For instance, a persistent Camera app crash under certain conditions has now been resolved, ensuring that capturing memories is seamless once again. Additionally, the update rectifies a few user interface glitches, such as the annoying black screen flash during video playback, the inability to exit the Setup Wizard under some scenarios, and a peculiar issue where the home screen wallpaper turned black.

Google's security bulletin for the month is divided into two parts. The first set, dated January 1, tackles vulnerabilities across the Android platform, thankfully without any critical-severity Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) this time. Ten high-severity CVEs have been addressed, alongside a media codec issue now patched via Google Play system updates. The second set, dated January 5, is more extensive, closing a total of 49 CVEs, including three critical ones in Qualcomm's proprietary components.

Significantly, with the introduction of the Pixel 8 series, Google has abandoned its predictable update schedule. The tech giant now releases updates as they are ready, departing from the once rigid first-Monday-of-the-month routine. This shift emphasizes Google's focus on quality over timing, ensuring that updates are thoroughly vetted before deployment. While this might mean updates arrive without a fixed timetable, Google's track record suggests that Pixel devices won't be left waiting too long.

As Google leads the charge with its latest Android security update, other smartphone manufacturers are expected to follow suit at their own pace. Companies like Samsung have varied update frequencies, with newer models typically receiving prompt updates, while older devices may have to wait longer. Regardless of when other phones receive the update, Google's commitment to security remains clear, setting a strong precedent for the industry at the dawn of 2024.

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