NordVPN Enhances Security with New Application Safety Checker

  • Jane Williams
  • Dec 04, 2023
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NordVPN Enhances Security with New Application Safety Checker

NordVPN has introduced a novel capability to its Threat Protection feature that proactively prompts users about potentially risky applications on their system. This advanced vulnerability scanner is specifically designed for Windows computers and actively scrutinizes applications against a repository of recognized software vulnerabilities. If it identifies a user's software version as susceptible, it immediately notifies the user, encouraging proactive measures.

With the database's extensive coverage, the tool undertakes a daily review of around 150 million applications, pinpointing possible security issues in nearly 100,000 Windows programs. The primary remedy suggested by NordVPN for any identified vulnerability is to apply updates issued by the software provider. However, NordVPN cautions users to be especially vigilant with any software that lacks available updates from the vendor, recognizing the potential risks involved.

The detection system is not only automatic but also categorizes the severity of detected flaws into four grades, ranging from low to critical. NordVPN highlights the serious threat posed by such vulnerabilities, as they can be avenues for hackers to misappropriate funds, steal identities, or capture sensitive data.

This tool is made available to all subscribers of NordVPN and includes guidance on setup, which is a straightforward process. Users can easily activate this feature within the Threat Protection menu of the NordVPN application.

NordVPN advocates for the use of the vulnerability detector, emphasizing its potential to significantly lower the odds of being compromised by cybercriminals. The simplicity of the tool's activation, coupled with the fact that it comes at no added expense, presents a strong case for users to integrate it into their online safety regimen.

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