Exploring the Galaxy with Style: A Sneak Peek into Star Wars Outlaws' Dynamic Environments

  • James Smith
  • Jan 02, 2024
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Exploring the Galaxy with Style: A Sneak Peek into Star Wars Outlaws' Dynamic Environments

The upcoming Star Wars game, Outlaws, is set to offer fans a thrilling blend of familiar and novel experiences as they traverse the galaxy. Navid Khavari, the game's Narrative Director, recently shared insights into the diverse environments that players will encounter. From bustling cityscapes to enigmatic open spaces and the vastness of space itself, Outlaws promises to deliver an immersive journey for those yearning to live out their rogue-ish Star Wars fantasies.

At the heart of Outlaws is the promise of a dynamic and interconnected galaxy. Players will navigate through densely populated urban centers, home to a melange of criminal underbellies and corrupt Imperials. These settings are crafted to be more than mere backdrops; they are interactive hubs where the game's narrative and missions interweave. Beyond the cities, players will find themselves in open environments that promise awe and exploration – all accessible by foot or via the protagonist, Kay Vess's, speeder.

The game's third key environment is space, the final frontier in the Star Wars universe. Khavari emphasizes the core experience of being an outlaw, which includes the freedom of space travel in one's own ship. This element of the game is crucial, allowing players to move seamlessly from ground to space in their quest across the galaxy. The ability to journey from planet to planet in Kay's ship underscores the game's intent to immerse players in the nomadic lifestyle of a Star Wars anti-hero.

While Outlaws will reintroduce fans to iconic locations like Tatooine, it also promises to expand the universe with new planets and characters. Set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the game situates itself within a rich storytelling period. Kay Vess's adventures will weave through the complex tapestry of the Star Wars saga, including potential encounters with known entities from the franchise, though their exact roles remain a tantalizing mystery.

Star Wars Outlaws is shaping up to be an expansive addition to the franchise, poised to fulfill the long-held fantasies of its fans. With a focus on varied and interactive environments, the game aims to bridge the familiar with the unexpected, delivering a fresh narrative experience within the beloved galaxy. As players prepare to take the helm of Kay's ship, they can look forward to a game that not only honors the spirit of Star Wars but also charts new territories in its ever-evolving lore.

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