Disney Lorcana Expansion Set to Launch December 1st

  • Jane Williams
  • Mar 03, 2023
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Disney Lorcana Expansion Set to Launch December 1st

Disney’s latest trading card game, Lorcana, is set to launch on August 18 and will bring a unique new gaming experience for fans of the beloved franchise. Dutch distributor Boosterbox has revealed that there will be a “solid, organized play program” and a wider rollout of the game at larger retailers on September 1. Excitingly, they have also announced that pre-release events for the first expansion set will start as soon as November 18.

In terms of what we can expect from this first expansion set, not much is known yet. However, Boosterbox has confirmed that all expansions after this one will follow a regular schedule. We can expect four major expansions every 12 months, with each expansion beginning its pre-release event in March, June, and September, respectively. This could suggest that these initial cards may be limited edition or unique collectibles only available around launch, which should undoubtedly pique fans' interest!

Also interesting is how Lorcana plans to organize its tournament structure. With so many players expected to pick up the game come August 18th – it's safe to assume it'll become quite competitive pretty quickly! We know that standard 24-booster boxes are going to be available, but details about how exactly tournaments are going to take place remain unknown at this stage. Hopefully, more information will become available soon!

Finally, although Boosterbox has already given us an exciting release date for the first expansion set – they haven't provided any specific details regarding what type of cards might feature in it yet! We know traditional Disney characters are featured, but beyond that, speculation abounds as far as which other characters or stories might make an appearance in sets throughout 2023 and beyond.


All in all, then, things look very promising indeed for anyone planning on picking up their copy when Lorcana launches later this summer! With such an ambitious organized play program planned by Boosterbox combined with exciting possibilities surrounding future expansions – there looks like plenty here for both casual players and hardcore competitors alike over the coming months ahead!

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