ARK 2 Release Pushed Back to Late 2024

  • James Smith
  • Apr 01, 2023
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ARK 2 Release Pushed Back to Late 2024

Fans of the popular dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved has been eagerly awaiting details about the release of its sequel, ARK 2. Unfortunately, Studio Wildcard has announced that the game will now be delayed until late 2024. This news has disappointed many who were looking forward to experiencing all that ARK 2 had in store for them this year.

The much-anticipated sequel to the dinosaur survival game was originally planned for release sometime this year. However, no specific date had ever been officially announced by Studio Wildcard. Since its debut in 2017, Ark: Survival Evolved has become one of the most popular online games and is still enjoyed by millions of players today. The original version was made available for both PC and console platforms and included over 80 different types of dinosaurs as well as a range of other creatures, from mythical beasts to prehistoric mammals.

In addition to these new features, players can also expect improved graphics and an updated engine which should make for a more enjoyable gaming experience overall. The world of ARK will also expand with new creatures, weapons, and environments to explore when it is released in late 2024.

While there may be disappointment at first over this news of the delay, the extra time could potentially give developers more opportunity to create a unique gaming experience with better graphics and gameplay mechanics than ever before, seen in an Ark title or any other survival games on the market today. Additionally, it gives players more time to prepare themselves by playing through previous titles such as Ark Survival Evolved or Extinction Core, so they're ready when ARK2 finally arrives next year!


Despite being pushed back until late 2024, fans of Ark have plenty of reasons to remain excited about what’s coming up with its sequel. With improved visuals, brand new creatures, weapons, and environments, plus a story-driven campaign mode - It is sure going to be worth waiting for!

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