Apple and Google Join Forces to Combat Unwanted Tracking

  • Jane Williams
  • May 02, 2023
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Apple and Google Join Forces to Combat Unwanted Tracking

Apple has announced a significant new collaboration with Google to develop an "industry specification" that aims to prevent unwanted tracking by AirTags and other Bluetooth item trackers. This partnership will create a "draft specification" to notify users about potential unwanted tracking, addressing a growing concern among consumers.

Currently, iOS provides a comprehensive array of features to mitigate unwanted tracking and stalking through AirTag item trackers. However, these native iOS features are not accessible to third-party item tracker companies like Tile. Apple does offer an app called "Tracker Detect," which allows Android users to locate nearby AirTags.

The new technology being developed by Apple and Google aims to overcome these limitations. By creating a draft specification, the two tech giants hope to establish industry-wide standards that can be adopted by manufacturers of Bluetooth item trackers. This would enable better protection for users against unwanted tracking, regardless of which brand or operating system they use.

This collaboration between Apple and Google is crucial as it brings together two of the most influential tech companies in the world. By working together, they have the potential to create a robust solution that addresses privacy concerns while maintaining user convenience. It also sends a strong message that both companies are committed to ensuring their products are not used for invasive purposes.

In conclusion, the partnership between Apple and Google marks an important step towards enhancing user privacy and security in relation to Bluetooth item trackers. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, it is essential for industry leaders like Apple and Google to take responsibility for developing solutions that protect users from potential abuse while still providing valuable services.

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