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  • Get Your YouTube Subscriptions in Order Get Your YouTube Subscriptions in Order When you have few subscriptions to channels, quickly finding the information you need or an interesting video is not difficult. But active YouTubers know how overwhelming it can be to interact with all the subscriptions you can have on your profile. And although the service regularly updates its website and applications, they still lack built-in ways to arrange or filter channels. If you wish, you can use browser extensions and other third-party services or simply get rid of those subscriptions that have lost their relevance. We tell you how to unsubscribe from unnecessary channels. How to Unsubscribe The unsubscribe mechanism is pretty...
    • Jun 18, 2022
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  • Updates to Google Apps Weather and Keep Updates to Google Apps Weather and Keep The 9to5Google resource monitors all the changes in Google products and found that the company ported its Weather application for Android tablets without official announcements. Previously, users of such devices could find forecasts only through a Google search. Now you can watch the famous Froggy and temperature changes in real-time without looking for it manually. To access these features on your tablet, update the Google app to the latest edition. In it, you can see a mini-preview of the weather, which can be expanded to full screen. The update will also give you the opportunity to place a weather icon on...
    • Jun 16, 2022
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